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Worship Arts

Creating the excellent worship experience that we have at Life Church takes many people. It is much like setting up for a professional concert. We have staging, lighting, sound, video, sound checks, a ton of cables and wires, and more. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT, BUT YOU DO HAVE TO BE WILLING TO BE TRAINED LIKE A PRO. This is a great opportunity to produce something excellent, something of lasting value.
Qualifications: teamwork, willingness to learn,
Opportunities: lighting crew, sound crew, video projection,
Responsibilities: Thursday Night 7:00 PM  rehearsal, 10:00 arrive to sound check and prepare for the service


Red Carpet

WE WANT EVERY PERSON WHO COMES TO LIFE CHURCH TO FEEL WELCOME AND COMFORTABLE. That is why we smile and greet each person, try to learn everyone’s name, and give Life Church that special touch that makes it the happiest time of people’s week. Your kindness can be the difference for someone who came to church searching for God and felt His presence here.
Qualifications : smile, be friendly, concern for others
Opportunities: front door greeters, guest reception, usher, coffee preparation
Responsibilities: Arrive 10:00 AM to serve every other week.


Life Kidz

More fun happens in our kids ministry than anywhere else in Life Church. We are looking for a variety of people with many different talents. IF YOU ENJOY CHILDREN, THEN SON LIFE CITY IS THE PLACE FOR YOU. You can be on the drama team, operate the check in station, hug babies in the nursery, or help teach preschoolers. Working with children is very rewarding.
Qualifications: loves children, patient, complete application form
Opportunities: nursery, preschool, drama team, check in station
Responsibilities: Arrive at 10:00 to prepare


The first impression people have about Life Church comes in the parking lot.  We are looking for friendly organized people who will help make the parking experience safe and easy!

Qualifications: accustomed to outdoors, friendly, organized

Responsibilities: Arrive Sunday 10:00, help park cars until 11:30